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Channel Strategy

Profitable Growth

  • Develop Channel Strategy
  • Determine Supplier Role: Strategic / Specialty / Niche

Product Development

Gain Customer Insights

  • Define Customer Segments
  • S.W.O.T. / Competitive analysis
  • Creation of Item P & L
  • Brand identity / Package Design
  • Eco-friendly / Sustainability Trends
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Global Sourcing Support

Understand the Value Network

  • Understanding Import Merchandising Process
  • Factory evaluation and compliance issues
  • Logistics: Inventory Flow & R.O.I. improvement
  • Leveraging Liberty’s Value Network & sourcing relationships

Category Management

Thrive On Competition

  • Category Management considerations
  • Understanding Retailer Line Review – assortment process
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Sales Strategy Services | Liberty Marketing Solutions | NW Arkansas

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Every company exists for the sole purpose of providing a product or service to the end user. No matter how fantastic a product or service is, you will never be able to sell and generate revenue unless the end user knows that it exists. Also if you are a small business owner with a set customer base and you only service those customers, and yet you have no active and ongoing marketing strategy, your business will not grow as much as it otherwise could have. Of course, your existing customers may increase their orders, but without a constant stream of new customers, your business will not grow beyond you and your current circumstance. LMS has decades of combined experience to help you structure your sales and marketing strategies.

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